SEVA Committee

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The mission of the SEVA (Society Enrichment through Volunteer Activities) Committee of the Temple is to serve as a first contact to coordinate the help in family situations for the Temple members and non-members. By referring to the area professional agencies, the committee pledges to assist in providing to the extent possible, confidential referral services for family situations, basic health care referral for the uninsured families, offer prayers for patients, bereavement support for the loss of loved ones, hold awareness seminars and actively support Community wide projects. 

-SEVA Purchased 10 Girls & 10 Boys Bicycles for donation to Wayne Elementary School 

-SEVA Sponsored  Wayne Elementary "Pump It Up Party"

-SEVA volunteered at Wayne Elementary Annual Christmas Banquet Event, and was awarded a plaque in honor

-SEVA helped Carol from "Extended Hands" with Holiday Basket Preparati! ons. Seva also helped hand out the baskets to families in need.

-Seva hosted large clothes drive and donated clothes to the Detroit Indian Center for donation to Chennai flood relief effort

- SEVA funded the Wayne Elementary School Store which rewards good grade students with prizes

-SEVA purchased and donated $250 in supplies to a family in need

-Seva helped collect over 15k in funds for Chennai flood relief efforts

-Seva collected and donated toys to the Toys for Tots program 

-Seva donates canned foods each month to Front Porch Detroit and Rochester Neighborhood House

-Seva volunteered and helped Extended hands put together 50 boxes of food and other supplies for families in need

-Seva purchased, assembled, and donated welcome packages to Bhutanes Refugees in need

-Seva volunteered multiple times this year at the World Medical Relief and help sort medicines for donation

-Seva volunteered multiple times this year at the Gleaners Food Bank and helped sort food for families in need

-Seva joined with Prateek Bhola and helped collect and donate over 2,000 pairs of gently used shoes to families in need around the world

-Seva donated to support Front Porch Detroit programs for at risk youth

-Seva held multiple drives and donated over $1,000 towards Flint Water Relief Efforts

-Seva purchased and donated 3 computers to Detroit Children in need

-Seva helped purchase and assemble backpacks for Foster Care Children in Detroit

-Seva donated $1000 towards "Caught up" initiative to help Juvenile youth get jobs, and GEDS

-Seva funded another scholarship from Grace Centers of Hope in Pontiac. Seva is funding a 2 year associated degree program, and helping young women change their lives for the better through education

-Seva donated $1000 towards Ronald Mcdonald house

-Seva donated 500 t-shirts and 500 pairs of socks to the homeless in Detroitthrough St. Peter and Paul Church

-Seva and GM hosted annual car seat safety check event at the temple

-Seva collected and donated school supplies to Durfee Elementary school in Detroit. Joint effort with Detroit Vedanta Society

-Seva purchased and donated 7 laptops to Grayson Elementary School in Waterford for educational use

-Seva hosted safety seminar with Troy Police department at the Bharatiya Temple

- Seva sponsored Shades of Pink Walkathon to support Cancer patients bills, insurance expenses, child care costs, etc.

-Seva purchased and donated crib to foster care children in need

-Seva sponsored another scholarship for Rochester Neighborhood Youth program. This helps create the next generation of leaders in our community.

-Seva collected and donated toys to Herrington Elementary school

-Seva conducted Domestic Violence seminar at the Bharatiya Temple

The SEVA committee provides a non-judgmental, safe and supportive ear to the person with an issue and the case is referred to the appropriate outside agency. Neither SEVA Committee nor its volunteers are engaged in providing any professional counseling and/or advice to people reaching out to the SEVA committee for help. SEVA only acts in the capacity of referring people needing help to appropriate outside agencies. We plan to expand the scope of this service in future. 

Career Counseling for those without job

Seva Bharatiya Temple Troy counsels those displaced workers, especially middle aged workers who need help in coping up with the job loss situation and in building self esteem. SEVA team would be able to provide tools to pursue new opportunities, facilitate networking, career counselling and helping with practice for interviews. The team will be organizing career open houses, expert talks and networking sessions. This is open for public regardless of your background or Faith.
SEVA team will NOT be able to write resumes, offer jobs.
Please contact for further information. If you know of anybody who needs help please share this with them.

Arrange Awareness Sessions and Seminars

This sub-committee arranges seminars and workshops sessions at the Bharatiya Temple to raise community awareness about various social, cultural, financial and family issues. The objective is to provide information for community wellbeing and make a serious attempt to bridge the inter-generation gap between children & parents who being raised in different cultural backgrounds. This will foster a sense of confidence, improve self-esteem and improve communication within the Indian families and the community at large. 

Seminars Presented by Seva

·  PATH - Workshop (6 weeks, 2 hours every week) on Self-management of Pain and Chronic Disease presented by Meera Vijan and Nancy Bhatt

·  Wills,Trust,and Estate Planning presented by Attorney Mark Landau

·  Nutrition in the Life Cycle presented by Lalitha Ramamoorthy
Team Members: Smiti Gupta

  1. Visitation and Offering Prayers
·  Offer prayers; recite verses from the scriptures at the hospital or at home for speedy recovery of a patient.
·  Provide family support and relief at the time of grief, bereavement, logistical and advisory support in case of death in the family. A tri-fold is available at the Temple Website (under Outreach Committee) containing the basic information about the last Hindu rites and the facilities available in the area.

Team Member: Madan Kaura